Set of Exquisite Coasters: 24 Coasters in 8 “Flats”


Tilion Brewing Company, located right next to ArtOrg and the Sogn Valley Art Fair, crafts a special beer for the Fair every year. This special beer is name “Olde Sogn XX” where the XX is the year of the fair. Artist Kari Alberg designed a special group of coasters to commemorate the release. Letterpress printer extraordinary Scott Engen made it happen.

One side of the coasters depicts the official mascot of the fair, “Alice Pescado”, created originally as large hanging sculptures for the Minnesota Children’s Museum by artist Guy Baldwin. The other side has likenesses of many fantastic animals. The coasters can be separated and then used to create many different creatures. We call the coaster set the “Exquisite Coaster” after the game of “Exquisit Corpse” that schoolchildren often play.

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