Sogn Valley Art Fair

October 3, 2021
Saturday, 10am-4pm

October 4, 2021
Sunday, 10am-4pm

Having 2000 of our closest friends over doesn’t seem like a great idea this year, so the in-person Sogn Valley Art Fair will be cancelled for 2020.  We have still been improving and will be ready for 2021, however. For example, this website has been redesigned to be more friendly and useful, and we hope you like it. We will also be sending out a postcard to last years mailing list of several thousand encouraging them to seek out the artists and other vendors we link to on our “artist page”. The artists still have a bunch of classy inventory for sale! Please look over our artist page and contact the artists directly.

Looking forward to October 2-3, 2021:

Live Painting by Scott West

Monoprinting Demonstration by Kari Alberg

Live Music performed by many great performers

ArtOrg Gallery Exhibit in our new gallery space

After hours Dancing by Tango Society of Minnesota and Rochester

Kids Events include Steamroller Printing and appearance by Ziggy’s Art Bus

And much more…


Angie Vogt Ekern
Scott West

celebrating 1995

Nan Skelton & Peter Leach

Dawn Markarios
Gary Crawford, Maya Sutton & Bonita Janda

Duke Klassen & Alice Strand

Bob & Bette Behlke
La Des Glanzer & Duke Klassen

Dina & Leo Lisovski