Sogn Valley Art Fair

October 5, 2024
Saturday, 10am-5pm

October 6, 2024
Sunday, 10am-4pm

Please join us for the next Sogn Valley Art Fair! This years marks the 52th year of the Fair!

Please watch here and on our Facebook page for more information as specifics are finalized. Thanks!

Special for Sogn 52: Experience Goat Snuggles!


Welcoming new artists to the fair!

Mary Burwinkel

Wendy Eggerman

Meghan Hayes

Joe and Bri Hanson


Welcoming new artists to the fair!

Mike Norman

CB Sherlock

Jan Davies

Erin Murelli

Ziggy McCall

Olivia Jenson


Angie Vogt Ekern
Scott West


remembering 1995

Nan Skelton & Peter Leach


Dawn Markarios
Gary Crawford, Maya Sutton & Bonita Janda

Duke Klassen & Alice Strand

Bob & Bette Behlke
La Des Glanzer & Duke Klassen

Dina & Leo Lisovski