2019 artists

ArtOrg  |  host

Kari Alberg  |  prints

Jacki Bizet  |  clothing and jewelry

Amy Brooks  |  soaps and more

Community Homestead |  wood, fabric

Gary Crawford |  pottery                       

Angie Ekern | driftwood sculpture

Marty Harris  | prints and drawings

Dick Huss  | glass

Ann Holter  | skirts and more

Becky Jokela | pastels 

Courtney and Aryn Kern

Michael Kimbal  |  paintings

Benjamin Leatham | wood

Jenny Levernier  | sterling and stone jewelry

Ann Madland  |  jewelry

Dawn Makarios | pottery

Renee Nation | fiber

Erica Ness  |  felting, scarves, and purses

Donovan Palmquist | soda fired porcelain                                                   

Christiane Porter | Raku clay and glass

Colleen Riley | soda fired porcelain

Jeff Solberg | wood turning

Richard Stephens | prints

Alice Strand miniature fabric animals

Mariella Teerbeest-Schladweiler | fiber

Scott West  |  paintings